Racial Stats

Construct (Soulbound)
-Hit Dice etc from class
-Unlike other constructs soulbound have a constitution score, do not gains low-light vision
or darkvision, are not immune to mind-influencing effects, necromancy, death effects,
poison, sleep, ability damage, ability drain, nonlethal damage, or stun
-Immune to disease, nausea, sicken, bleed and energy drain
-Can be raised and resurrected
-Do not need to eat or breathe
-Count as living creatures for the purposes of spells and effects. eg: healing.
-Is effected by spells that effect metal and stone.
-Unlike constructs, soulbound can be reduced below 0 damage and killed by massive damage.
When reduced below 0 soulbound automatically stabilize.
-Soulbound need to rest similar to living creatures. They must rest for 6 hours out of 24.
When resting soulbound are still aware of their surroundings but suffer a -5 to perception

+2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Cha: Soulbound are built to be hardy and resistant to attempts to manipulated their minds. They unfortunately are unsure how to act in social situations and other personal interactions due to limited information on the subject.

Reinforced Frame: +2 armor bonus, 5% arcane spell failure. Occupies the body slot, preventing armor and any other magical body slot item from being worn.

Slam: soulbound have a natural slam attack that deals 1d4 points of damage. They are proficient with this attack.

+4 racial bonus to endurance related checks except those related to extreme heat and cold.


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