History of the Sixth Iteration

Current Iteration Timeline
SD – Since Darkfall

0 SD, Jan – Ryl’Avar destroyed by Gan Marrosh, setting the skies on red-white fire and causing a black orb to fall through the sky landing in the middle of the ocean, launching mass amounts of ash into the world’s atmosphere and causing massive geological shifts. All magical creatures, supernatural beings and various other non-humanoid creatures vanish from the world, as do all of the gates and seals excluding the true seals currently carried. The followers of Ahdin-Sheloth vanish as well. Planar travel ceases, the Gods appear to be dead, all of the non-native outsiders, specifically the demons of Belzahar, return to the planes and the fragment of the shard of absolute evil in the ancient Idellii Senate Hall in Iresk fades. This event comes to be referred to as Dark Fall.

0 SD, Feb – Daishalan is deposed as the ruler of the Nal-Ryai and the cult of Lurien is hunted to near extinction freeing the Nal-Ryai people

0 SD, Mar. – The ash clears from the sky revealing the true sky and sun for the first time since the coming on Ryl’Avar. The position of the sun sets the current climatological time as early march. With the return of the sun the artificial lights ignited by the heroes of the Ryl’Avar conflict return to an inactive state. The hordes of undead that cover the majority of the world are struck down in searing flames as the sun appears. Krishnov ascends to divinity, assuming the role of the god of balance and the sole divine entity for Aeryia, coming to be known as the Lord of Balance and the Keeper of Knowledge. Dukvarist is never seen again. The dragons and Arakin of Korsaih depart Iresk and return to their homeland. A golden age of peace, prosperity and expansion begins.

0 SD, Mar – 298 AA – The golden age of enlightenment for the republic of Iresk begins. The Republic of Iresk is formed as the survivors of the near-apocalyptic coming of Ryl’Avar grow and expand under the extended influence of Excelsicin. Numerous cities, towns and villages are founded under the banner of the Republic across all of the continent, Alcyr. New forms of art, culture and technology are uncovered by the best and brightest Iresk has to offer. Delnai, Shelsen, Belzahar and Korsaih continue to develop without outside influence. Without a common cause the government of Korsaih deteriorates quickly, ultimately collapsing into smaller states aligned according to the different breeds of dragons, allowing the chromatic dragons to gain a foothold in the region and ultimately being included into what is currently referred to as the Dragon Kingdoms of Korsaih. Belzahar recovers from its catastrophic collapse and gives rise to the ancestral race of Rhimani that originally founded the nation. Shelsen suffers only minor damages as a result of Dark Fall and continues to grow and develop in an insular fashion. Delnai becomes a monarchy under its first queen, Damieri, rebuilding what was lost during the undead uprising from Ryl’Avar and continuing to expand into Tenebras (aka Dark Forest) due to the disappearance of its guardian fey. The expansion was limited as deep within Tenebras phantom-like tribes of various races killed any explores they came across, stringing their ears along lines at a makeshift boarder. Animals and beasts in the world begin to devolve into their more primordial, powerful forms. New breeds of long-extinct reptilian creatures are seen for the first time and are named Saurians.

298 SD, Jun – From the deep southern mountains and jungles of Alcyr a massive coalition of orcs, goblins, giants, trained saurians and other beastials descend upon the unsuspecting Republic of Iresk under the banner of Gorsis the Eter (misspelling of “eater” due to the orcs’ poor language skills). The defensive War of Repulsion begins.

298 SD, Jul – 317 AA, Oct – The War of Repulsion escalates. Poorly prepared for war on such a large scale, several territories of the Republic are devastated and claimed by the Great Horde. Others are cut off from the core of Iresk and eventually even the heartlands immediately surrounding Iresk are contested by forces of the horde.

317 SD, Nov – The Fourth Legion of Iresk claims the first major tactical victory for the republic at the Battle of Lieard, routing a Bestial division that vastly outnumbered the legion. During the rout the bestial forces are killed to the man, freeing the forces of Iresk to finally go on the offensive.

372 SD, Apr – The war draws to near conclusion at the Battle of Thulic, destroying the Ravenous Maw division and command retinue for the horde. Gorsis is slain in single combat by Immaris Ulthain, leading to the collapse of the unification of the various tribes that make up the horde.

376 SD, Aug – The War of Repulsion is announced to be concluded as the bulk of the bestial forces have been driven from the land of the surviving civilized territories. The bulk of the territories that previously composed the Republic peaceably declare independence, forming seven independent civilizations.

377 SD – The age of development beings. The fledgling nations grow to similar boundaries of influence and populations to where they were before the War of Repulsion. Raids and smaller scale conflicts continue to exist initiated by various tribes and small alliances of tribes of beastials as well as border disputes between the nations of Alcyr

616 SD – With the nearly uninterrupted era of peace and prosperity for the nations of Alcyr giving rise to massive growth and development for all of the nations, the leaders of each state come together at a summit after a nightmarish boarder conflict. The leaders discuss how to handle political exchanges and other possible conflicts in the future. At the conclusion of the summit the rulers create an independent body entitled the Coalition of Alcyr (CoA) to facilitate continued peace. With the formation of CoA a unified form of currency is created for the nations. This also officially begins the second golden age of enlightenment.

622 SD – Explorers from the Royal Duchy of Delnai make peaceful contact with the Coalition of Alcyr. They were sent out by royal decree to find other advanced civilizations in order to elicit trade agreements and receive assistance combating a plague spreading amongst the Nal-Ryai race, referred to as the Shadow Blight. The blight renders its victims near-infertile greatly reducing the population growth of their nation. Despite the best efforts of CoA and The Royal Duchy, no cure for the race-specific ailment is discovered.

627 SD – The banking division of CoA is formed in order to organize and regulate trade both externally and internally. The bank allowed for universal usage of bank notes instead of physical currency anywhere within CoA affiliated states.

632 SD – A joint expedition by Iresk and Delnai is launched to continue to find other civilizations and resources in hopes of developing a cure for the Shadow Blight as the population of Nal-Ryai begins to dwindle.

637 SD – The joint expedition makes contact with both Shelsara and Belzahar and establishes the necessary framework for limited trade and diplomacy with these nations. Shelsara and Belzahar are currently embroiled in a century long war which seems to have connection back beyond even Dark Fall. Iresk and incidentally CoA along with The Royal Duchy remain neutral in this conflict. Referred to both by Belzahar and Shelsara as the Ancestral War.

645 SD – CoA’s banking division establishes paper currency called ACTs (Alcyrian Current Tender) for larger sums of money, completely removing gold and platinum coinage from the economy. Later in the year the first CoA bank on foreign soil is built in Delnai. Over the next twenty years banks are built across Delnai and Belzahar, leading to the unified system of currency with all known civilizations except Shelsara.

681 SD – The first ceasefire agreement between Belzahar and Shelsara is brokered by CoA.

702 SD – A new usage for magic is implemented by CoA Banking to allow for further economic growth across all nations. Magically created and imprinted armbands are disseminated to all account holders linking their accounts to each individual and other individuals who are authorized by the account holder to make use to stored funds. Financial exchanges are conducted through mental commands sent through the armbands to the bank authorizing an exchange of funds from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account. After implementation of this system CoA Banking begins to make loans on a wide scale to fund CoA ventures and pay for the expenses of system development.

717 SD – As the population of Delnai continues to degrade a new magical discovery is made by the Royal Academy leading to the creation of the first Soulbound. Soulbound are artificial souls permanently bound to a construct with moving parts. Delnai begins to make extensive use of these creations to help reinforce their failing population by performing nearly all of the menial tasks required to support their infrastructure.

722 SD – The Ancestral War resumes when Belzaharan forces invade an outlying territory of Shelsara. CoA and Delnai continue to maintain their neutrality. Shelsara receives aid from an unknown source suspected to be one of the CoA affiliated governments.

739 SD – Shelsara is contacted by representatives from what is later discovered to be the Dragonkingdoms of Korsaih. The kingdom of Birjinn offers support to the Shelsarans in their war effort, including a small division of their forces led by one of the nobles of Birjinn. The support comes at no apparent cost to outsiders, though CoA believes that there was some sort of price as the delegation from bronze met with the leader of Shelsara for weeks before the agreement was made. As a result of Birjinn’s contact with Shelsara the other Dragonkingdoms make contact with all known civilizations.

775 SD – The Dragonkingdoms adopt usage of the ACT and CoA Banking. The Hoards of True dragons are left largely intact instead exchanging currently circulated wealth to convert to ACTs.

813 SD – A renaissance begins for the known world leading to numerous magical and technological discoveries and marvels.

827 SD – The first of a new model of Soulbound host constructs is produced by the Royal Academy. These constructs are made from live plants as well as metals. These constructs remarkably are technically living as they self regenerate and seem to have some sort of advanced living wood that can eventually die, leading to the actual death of one of the artificial souls. The first model of Soulbounds’ lifespan is estimated to be 50 years. Despite the weaknesses of a living constructed host for the Soulbound, attaching the artificial soul to this new body allowed the souls to become intelligent, though completely controlled and programed. The level of intelligence allowed for more specialized usage of Soulbound. Delnai begins to export certain types of Soulbound to CoA affiliated nations and Belzahar after first acquiring creator protection rights through CoA, linked to CoA Banking.

841 SD – The Royal Duchy of Delnai and the Dragonkingdoms of Korsaih are welcomed into CoA as full members. Delnai opens sale of Soulbound to all CoA affiliates.

873 SD – Through intensive study of some of the released magical methodology behind the binding of artificial souls, the art of binding raw elemental forces is formulated. This allows for numerous uses of natural forces such as fire, wind and electricity.

932 SD – The third model of Soulbound are created. This model once again created intellectual development while maintaining servility and extended the construct lifespan to approximately 80 years.

986 SD – Peace is declared between Shelsara and Belzahar once again through CoA. Now at peace both nations join CoA.

989 SD – Gunpowder is discovered.

990 SD – The Fourth Soulbound model is released, featuring advanced reasoning skills, situational awareness, improved component durability and 130 year lifespan. Rumors of Self-aware
Soulbound immediately begin to spread.

1003 SD – The first publicly confirmed self-aware Soulbound is discovered by an independent research facility throwing CoA into a political chaos as to the rights of the self-aware Soulbound and others like it.

1007 SD – With an increased appearance of self-aware Soulbound and years of political maneuvering and contention, self aware Soulbound are given equal rights under CoA international law. Pseudo-voluntary screening of currently functioning Soulbound begins under CoA oversight. Legal measures are taken to identify and classify self aware Soulbound, most commonly a bound account through CoA Banking and unique faceplates.

1010 SD, Dec 21 – Numerous sightings of magical, supernatural and extraplanar beings along with unexplainable events begin to be reported across all of Aeryia.

1011 SD, Mar 5 – Aeryia Chronicles VI and VII begin. Sightings and reports of supernatural forces are largely discredited due to lack of evidence and failure of divination magic to detect them. Those that have testified to the veracity of such reports have been proven to be telling the truth. The current theory is that such people are delusional and simply believe they saw what they claim, thus bypassing truth detection.

History of the Sixth Iteration

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