Aeryia Chronicles

Raine's Journal, Third Entry

The writing in this entry is slightly smudged, as if the ink was exposed to steam before it dried

March 14th,

And here I was hoping my return home would let me relax and finally enjoy my time home. It seems while we were away in the south dealing with the village issues, the changelings infiltrated Iresk and had begun a serial murdering spree. They were up to four bodies before we managed to track them into the sewers, but I will get to that.

The murders were strange, to start with, in that the bodies were all completely vivisected, but an internal organ was hastily ripped out. We ran a gamut of theories on why this would be, though we eventually came to the conclusion that the changelings had kidnapped a surgeon from the church of Light to perform the initial surgery.

Luckily, they made a mistake and left another body too quickly. I was able to use my draught to track the things through the sewers, where we found they had been using magic to carve out sections of it to make their lair. A whole lot of gremlins (the little ones that were working for the banana before) were the ones transporting bodies, and their leaders were a male and female changeling. The female blurted about how she is disguising herself as a senator’s wife, while the male admitted to the murders to somehow gain more power (we’d known so far they could devour people whole to get more powerful, but the organs were a mystery).

We swam walked trudged through the sewer water to sneak up on them. In my twenty years alive, this was by far the most horrifying experience of my life. I don’t think I will ever stop smelling it. In any case, we snuck up on them and the female quickly used magic to teleport away. The rest were relatively easy to take care of, and we even took the male prisoner.

We found out he was using some profane ritual to draw extra power from the organs he ate. We destroyed the ritual, of course, but not before I had a chance to study it thoroughly: I think I will be able to make a rather practical, if not slightly morbid, formula from the arcane principles of it.

Otherwise, the changeling gave us mostly information we knew already, but did also give us the location of the siren from the village’s lair. Something for us to deal with soon, I imagine. In a few days we’ll be leaving to go (sort of) that way, so I imagine we’ll be stopping to stab the bitch in the heart with this knife thing we have and the broken hearted blood. Until then, I might soak in this bath and try to forget the sewer.


Raine's Journal, Second Entry

March 13th,

A lot to cover and not a lot of time to do so. Our theory on the creature’s hideaway was correct: Natural caverns near a brook in the woods. The brook, as it would turn out, is part of the Siren’s domain, and her powers seem to work on the weak-willed males of our group. The soul bound, the half-orc and the dancer all instantly fell under her sway, leaving the rest of us to come up with clever methods to stop them from Light knows what fate: I managed to get some wax drops in their ears in time, myself.

The cavern was filled with mites (tiny little vermin-like fey), bees, skin walkers (elf-like fey that wear other people’s skin), and all manner of deadly flora. Their leader seemed to be some fanged monstrosity; undead, by the gnome’s words. My Alkahest seemed to deteriorate it well enough, which would lend credence to the claim.

Of particular note was above the fanged creature’s chamber were the missing villager, tethered by vine into the neck to a fey princess (as the gnome described her) up above. When we slew the fanged creature, the villagers were released from the vines and we were able to communicate with her: she was being bound here by a “lay line” somewhere in the forest, and asked us to aid her. As she is Seelie (the good guys; Unseelie are bad), we decided to help.

Following the ley line into the woods, we came upon an ancient crypt housing barbarian remains and Idellia soldier remains: their leader seemed bound there by powerful magic, and wished to leave to reconquer his lands. Of course, the soul forged starting blabbing about how he won’t stand undead, and naturally, they assaulted us. It was one of the most exhilarating battles I’ve ever been in, and we came out victorious, and with generous piles of ancient artifacts.

The ley line was tied to a gem, which upon returning, the fey princess described it as “a seal”, which then imbedded itself into the gnome’s hand, allowing him control over plants. The fey princess offered one of us a boon, but there were a lot of people interested, so I stepped back. It was a flower anyway: not my style.

Now, on a less action-packed but more interested note, among the villagers were a fiend-blooded noble who came to investigate the strange happenings like we had, and an elf that was alive at Darkfall, apparently. Combined with other factors, such as the gem being entombed for so long, I believe perhaps the fey princess had been sealed in this cave for much, much longer than the recent happenings. What that means is up in the air, at the moment.

The fey princess took us to the edge of the woods where we went to investigate the other village on our task: It had been obliterated. Apparently, all the villagers were transmuted into a giant tree plant monster?. I copied the ritual for additional study, much to the soul forged’s chagrin: Combined with the fact that he seems to be the FIRST SENTIENT SOUL FORGED and is keeping it secret, I don’t see he and I getting along very well.

In anycase, we will be arriving home in Iresk tomorrow, and we’ll be needing to track down the changelings that have taken other people’s forms: most notably, a priest that the soul forged confided in (HAH!).


Raine's Journal, First Entry

The Entire Journal is written in Runic Dwarven unless otherwise noted.

March 8th,

Where to even begin? Not three days home and an old friend sent word for me to meet him for dinner. I arrived to find less of a dinner and more of a business proposition: myself and five other individuals were being requested to investigate “supernatural” occurrences in a small town that barely deserved to have a name tacked on it.

While its true I did have some kind of ‘incident’ in the woods on my way home, up until now I had been willing to chalk it up to whatever poison I had been dosed with: I still hadn’t been able to determine if it was hallucinogenic, but it seemed to make more sense than plant people trying to eat me.

I set out with the group the next day. In particular, the gnome and I seem to get along famously: a spiritualist from the far south, but with a head of common sense about him. There is also a fellow alchemist with us: one of the gray skinned folks, who seems intelligent and friendly so far. The rest of the group I don’t know so well: a half-orc who has mostly communicated in grunts so far, a sailor with a flourish to his fighting style, and a soulforged knight.

Well, it turns out, that plant people eating folk isn’t too far off. I’m sure my family would have me committed, but this town is overrun with creatures the gnome calls “gremlins”, “changelings”, and “bananas” or something (of note, this is the thing that tried to eat me in the woods). Seems they had been poisoning the water supply here, while the banana posed as the mayor and rolled in the hay with one of the local girls a bunch. Poor girl is badly addicted to the poison, and will likely be dead by the time of this writing. The soulforged seems really upset about it, but not much that can be done.

In anycase, we killed the banana-mayor and some of her minions, and we’re on our way to what we believe to be their lair out in the woods. Stories of a siren living there, and natural caverns where they’re keeping the ‘real’ villagers. We’ll see how it turns out, I suppose.


Lost Empires Pregame Information

Hey guys! This is where I will be putting creation rules, the short version of the history of the last thousand years, current political situations and pretty much anything else I think is a must know for a)building characters and b)becoming familiar enough with the world to not be completely lost in the first five minutes of the game.

Welcome to the sixth iteration of Aeryia. Yes that means the 6th version of the world but not in a game design sense but in a “this world has been totally fucked and rearranged six times” sense.

A thousand years ago the world was almost ended by a great evil entity known as Ryl’Avar. It was defeated by one of the two primal beings of the world, Gan Marrosh, at the behest of a group of heroes. Gan Marrosh is the primal force of destruction and Excelsicin is the primal force of creation. The two died battling one another in the War of Creation which occurred before the physical world did. As a result the two were combined into raw power given physical form. It was named Akramath, The Great Seal. The wives of Excelsicin and Gan Marrosh, Aeryia and Almenia respectively, came together and sacrificed themselves to become the physical tomb of their husbands. In this manner the world of Aeryia came to be.

Because these great primal forces could not truly die and their power lived on, manifestations of their powers began to appear in the world. These manifestations were called the seals of magic. The seals were links to the power of Akramath that took the form of intricate tattoos on the hands and chest of the one who possessed in. These people were said to bear the seal they had. Ever since they appeared the seals and Akramath have been heavily involved in the conflicts and problems that have been suffered by the world. They have also been what has turned aside the same conflicts and problems over the ages.

At the end of the fifth iteration and the beginning of the sixth, the vast majority of the population of the world was slain. Plant-life and animals were near exctinct due to a 27 day period without the light of the sun. Inside the city of Iresk, an ancient ruin of the Idellii Empire of the third iteration, approximately 400,000 people were protected by a magical barrier and thus survived unscathed. The world around them was lost to them. A great black sphere fell through the sky when Ryl’Avar was killed and crashed into the ocean, causing massive geological shifts. An unexplored world was left to the survivors in Iresk. Since then 1010 years have passed. New nations have been founded around Iresk and several old nations that survived the near-apocalypse have been rediscovered. However only about 30% of the world is explored and civilized.

Peace has reigned for the majority of the 1010 years allowing an age of enlightenment and discovery to take place. A renaissance has swept nearly all of the civilized lands allowing for cultural wonders and technological discoveries. Gunpowder has been discovered, although only muskets and other primitive fire arms have been developed. Artificial souls have been bound to metal and wood bodies creating the Soulbound, non self-aware intelligent machines built to replace menial laborers, the standing army and even skilled professionals in the distant land of Delnai. Steam power has recently been uncovered by skilled wizards using the raw nature of fire bound into an object and the raw nature of water in another, however it is not in common use to date. Currently peace reigns under the Coalition of Alcyr (CoA) an independent diplomatic body that has members from every known civilizations working together to keep the peace and control trade. CoA also runs the Unified Bank that handles all funds and transactions in the civilized world.

The game starts in the city of Iresk where a call has gone out for skilled people interested in a joint expedition funded by Delnai, Iresk and Lircae. The expedition is looking for settlers, workers, explorers, archaeologists, and adventurers willing to hire on for an exciting year of exploration on one of the many uncharted, unexplored regions of the distant continent Ursayd. The players come together and join the expedition for their own motives but will ultimately be forced to rely on one another and risk life and limb is the sixth volume of the Aeryia Chronicles: Lost Empires.

Creation Rules
For character creation we are using the pathfinder point buy system for stats with a 24 point budget. All the standard pathfinder races are allowed as are the five new races specific to this campaign world. The Nal-Ryai, Soulbound, Rhimani, Shelsen, and Arakin can all be found by following their links to the wiki. Players interested in any of these new races should get in touch with me to work out details as you will be starting a good ways from your homeland. Players start with 200 ACTs (currency used in this time period by all known nations; equivalent to gold pieces) to buy their equipment. Traits can be chosen but please try to have them make some sort of sense for who/what you are. All classes on the Pathfinder SRD are allowed except Magus, which is broke dick insane.


That being said, in all seriousness I want to run a game where people are all on a level playing field and are not min/maxed to the point that I, as a GM, will want to tear my hair out. There are several spells and abilities that will already come pre-nerfed and can be found in the House Rules entry in the wiki. If your character gets to the point where he/she is making the game not fun for the other players or to a lesser extent me as the GM we’ll get together and work something out so that you still get to do your kick ass thing but in such a way that it lets me sleep at night and the other players can stop crying. The point of the game is for everyone to have a good time, let’s try to make that happen.

Any questions please get in touch with me either through phone, email, this site’s messaging system etc.

p.s. there is and/or will be a lot of additional information about my world in the wiki. Feel free to check it out and familiarize yourselves with what all this nonsense is all about. As the game moves forward new entries on discovered regions, ancient history, artifacts, seals, and pretty much anything else you guys uncover will get added/unlocked.

p.p.s. I feel like I should add achievements or something for reading all my crap. Thoughts?


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