Aeryia Chronicles

Raine's Journal, Third Entry

The writing in this entry is slightly smudged, as if the ink was exposed to steam before it dried

March 14th,

And here I was hoping my return home would let me relax and finally enjoy my time home. It seems while we were away in the south dealing with the village issues, the changelings infiltrated Iresk and had begun a serial murdering spree. They were up to four bodies before we managed to track them into the sewers, but I will get to that.

The murders were strange, to start with, in that the bodies were all completely vivisected, but an internal organ was hastily ripped out. We ran a gamut of theories on why this would be, though we eventually came to the conclusion that the changelings had kidnapped a surgeon from the church of Light to perform the initial surgery.

Luckily, they made a mistake and left another body too quickly. I was able to use my draught to track the things through the sewers, where we found they had been using magic to carve out sections of it to make their lair. A whole lot of gremlins (the little ones that were working for the banana before) were the ones transporting bodies, and their leaders were a male and female changeling. The female blurted about how she is disguising herself as a senator’s wife, while the male admitted to the murders to somehow gain more power (we’d known so far they could devour people whole to get more powerful, but the organs were a mystery).

We swam walked trudged through the sewer water to sneak up on them. In my twenty years alive, this was by far the most horrifying experience of my life. I don’t think I will ever stop smelling it. In any case, we snuck up on them and the female quickly used magic to teleport away. The rest were relatively easy to take care of, and we even took the male prisoner.

We found out he was using some profane ritual to draw extra power from the organs he ate. We destroyed the ritual, of course, but not before I had a chance to study it thoroughly: I think I will be able to make a rather practical, if not slightly morbid, formula from the arcane principles of it.

Otherwise, the changeling gave us mostly information we knew already, but did also give us the location of the siren from the village’s lair. Something for us to deal with soon, I imagine. In a few days we’ll be leaving to go (sort of) that way, so I imagine we’ll be stopping to stab the bitch in the heart with this knife thing we have and the broken hearted blood. Until then, I might soak in this bath and try to forget the sewer.



Adellos SwordSaintMusashi

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