Aeryia Chronicles

Raine's Journal, First Entry

The Entire Journal is written in Runic Dwarven unless otherwise noted.

March 8th,

Where to even begin? Not three days home and an old friend sent word for me to meet him for dinner. I arrived to find less of a dinner and more of a business proposition: myself and five other individuals were being requested to investigate “supernatural” occurrences in a small town that barely deserved to have a name tacked on it.

While its true I did have some kind of ‘incident’ in the woods on my way home, up until now I had been willing to chalk it up to whatever poison I had been dosed with: I still hadn’t been able to determine if it was hallucinogenic, but it seemed to make more sense than plant people trying to eat me.

I set out with the group the next day. In particular, the gnome and I seem to get along famously: a spiritualist from the far south, but with a head of common sense about him. There is also a fellow alchemist with us: one of the gray skinned folks, who seems intelligent and friendly so far. The rest of the group I don’t know so well: a half-orc who has mostly communicated in grunts so far, a sailor with a flourish to his fighting style, and a soulforged knight.

Well, it turns out, that plant people eating folk isn’t too far off. I’m sure my family would have me committed, but this town is overrun with creatures the gnome calls “gremlins”, “changelings”, and “bananas” or something (of note, this is the thing that tried to eat me in the woods). Seems they had been poisoning the water supply here, while the banana posed as the mayor and rolled in the hay with one of the local girls a bunch. Poor girl is badly addicted to the poison, and will likely be dead by the time of this writing. The soulforged seems really upset about it, but not much that can be done.

In anycase, we killed the banana-mayor and some of her minions, and we’re on our way to what we believe to be their lair out in the woods. Stories of a siren living there, and natural caverns where they’re keeping the ‘real’ villagers. We’ll see how it turns out, I suppose.



Adellos SwordSaintMusashi

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